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Video shot boundary detection or shot segmentation is an integral part of semantic video analysis. The objective of this process is to automatically detect the boundary region in video that further segment the video into meaningful shot, scene and so on. Video frame feature representation therefore plays an important role in the process where it directly(More)
Video shot boundary detection is the process of automatically detecting the meaningful boundary in video data. It becomes an essential pre-processing step to video analysis, summarisation and other content-based retrieval. Video frame feature representation also plays an important role in the process where it directly affects to the performance of the(More)
In this paper, we present a reduced-complexity widely-linear (RC-WL) inverse square-root recursive least squares (iQR-RLS) algorithm with the adaptive inverse square-root mechanism, called QR-decomposition for single-carrier frequency-domain equalisation systems. The proposed widely-linear and reduced-complexity widely-linear approaches based on iQR-RLS(More)
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