Sawit Kasuriya

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Nowadays, the improvement of speech recognition technology is growing fast and many techniques are presented. However, even the best algorithm with carefully designed system cannot accomplish good performance speech recognition if the system is trained from poor corpus. Therefore, the speech corpus is the basic research that is necessary and should be(More)
The recognition of ten Thai isolated numerals from zero to nine and 60 Thai polysyllabic words are compared between different recognition techniques, namely, Neural Network, Modified Rackpropagation Neural Network. Fuzzy-Neural Network, and Hidden Markov Model. The I j-state left-to-right discrete hidden markov model in cooperation with the vector(More)
This paper reports a comparative study between continuous hidden Markov model (CHMM) and artificial neural network (ANN) on text dependent, closed set speaker identification (SID) system with Thai language recording in office environment. Thai isolated digit 0-9 and their concatenation are used as speaking text. Mel frequency cepstral coefficients (MFCC)(More)
There are many strategies proposed for speaker verification (SV) system, both in text-dependent (fixed-text) and textindependent (free-text) domains. To convey an appropriate algorithm for Thai speech, several consecutively improvement methods are compared in this paper including the dynamic time warping (DTW) matching and Gaussian mixture model (GMM) based(More)
This paper presents the experiments on feature selection for emotional speech classification. There are 152 features used in this experiment. The minimum redundancy maximum relevance (mRMR) feature selection is applied as the features selection. The experiments are constructed from two corpora; Interactive Emotional Dyadic Motion Capture (IEMOCAP) and(More)
Language Resources are recognized as an essential component in linguistic infrastructure and a starting point of Natural Language Processing systems and applications. In this paper, we describe the achievement of the development and the use of Thai Language Resources germinated with an open collaboration platform, under the collaboration between research(More)
Automated emotion recognition is an important process towards the effective adjustment of children in their environment. Unmatured children are easily influenced by violent activities from movies and television programs. Hence, violence rating systems are developed to information about the violent levels in movies and television programs to help parent make(More)