Savithri Rangarajan

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cAMP controls many cellular processes mainly through the activation of protein kinase A (PKA). However, more recently PKA-independent pathways have been established through the exchange protein directly activated by cAMP (Epac), a guanine nucleotide exchange factor for the small GTPases Rap1 and Rap2. In this report, we show that cAMP can induce(More)
In T-lymphocytes the Ras-like small GTPase Rap1 plays an essential role in stimulus-induced inside-out activation of integrin LFA-1 (alpha(L)beta(2)) and VLA-4 (alpha(4)beta(1)). Here we show that Rap1 is also involved in the direct activation of these integrins by divalent cations or activating antibodies. Inhibition of Rap1 either by Rap GTPase-activating(More)
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