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Test case prioritization involves scheduling test cases in an order that increases the effectiveness in achieving some performance goals. One of the most important performance goals is the rate of fault detection. Test cases should run in an order that increases the possibility of fault detection and also that detects the most severe faults at the earliest(More)
Abstruct-A knowledge-based approach and a reasoning system for multisensor data fusion (MSF) is presented. The scenario taken for the example is an air-land battlefield situation. A data fusion system obtains data from a variety of sensors. This is an essential step in a Command, Control, Communication and Intelligence (C31) system. Automatic processing of(More)
Every application software that we propose to develop can be thought of a group or collection of related requirements specified by the user and these requirements are the foundation from which the quality of the software is measured. Until now there is no concrete measurement methodology for measuring the requirements of any application software. A new(More)
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