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Background Anxiety disorder (Chittodvega) is having one-year prevalence rate 2.5-8% globally. Chittodvega is a disease of mind caused due to Manasika dosha rajas and tamas along with the Sharirika doshas mainly vata pradhan. Mandookaparni and Guduchi are mentioned as Medhya drug which is helpful for Medha or the intellect, Dhi (intelligence) or Buddhi,(More)
Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) is a detection method which is widely used over the past decades in analyzing the bimolecular interaction. This is a technique with which we can measure the small variation find in the refractive index near the surface of metal with higher sensitivity. This change in refractive index is measured due to the interaction in the(More)
End stage renal disease (ESRD) is an important health concern due to the high rates of associated mortality. Complications due to ESRD have been implicated in death or having a significant effect on the patients' quality of life. This study aimed to assess the causes, complications, and the pharmacological management in patients with ESRD who are on(More)
Video on demand is a popular multimedia application on the internet. Now a day's peer to peer video on demand is the most popular technique that captures most of the users on the internet. Therefore, we have proposed a video on demand based on the peer to peer network and also defined a detailed working principle of peer to peer video on demand using(More)
This paper presents a method utilizing geomagnetic field effects commonly found in nature to help the visually impaired persons (VIPs) navigate safely and efficiently; both indoor and outdoor applications are considered. Magnetic information indicating special locations can be incorporated as waypoints on a map to provide a basis to help the user follow a(More)
380 CMYK of pain during walking and also profuse hemorrhage after trauma. There was no evidence of entrapment syndromes like trigger finger or carpal-tunnel syndrome. On auscultation over the affected limb, no bruit was audible. However, the left testis was found to be absent (Figure 2). No mass, suggestive of an undescended testis, was palpable in the(More)
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