Savitha Ramasamy

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A Meta-cognitive Interval Type-2 Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System (McIT2FIS) based classifier and its projection based learning algorithm is presented in this paper. McIT2FIS consists of two components, namely, a cognitive component and a meta-cognitive component. The cognitive component is an Interval Type-2 Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System (IT2FIS) represented as(More)
In this paper, we propose a risk-sensitive hinge loss function-based cognitive ensemble of extreme learning machine (ELM) classifiers for JPEG steganalysis. ELM is a single hidden-layer feed-forward network that chooses the input parameters randomly and estimates the output weights analytically. For steganalysis, we have extracted 548-dimensional merge(More)
—Facial emotions are the most expressive way to display emotions. Many algorithms have been proposed which employ a particular set of people (usually a database) to both train and test their model. This paper focuses on the challenging task of database independent emotion recognition, which is a generalized case of subject-independent emotion recognition.(More)
Carry Select Adder (CSLA) is one of the fastest adders used in many data-processing processors to perform fast arithmetic functions. From the structure of the CSLA, it is clear that there is scope for reducing the area and power consumption in the CSLA. This work uses a simple and efficient transistor-level modification in BEC-1 converter to significantly(More)
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