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Recently, the wireless data broadcast has been receiving a lot of attention, both from industries and aca-demia. The recent advances in the field of Wireless Communication Technology (WCT) have increased the functionality of mobile information services. Various technologies like CDMA, 3G, and smart personal technologies (SPOT) and the advent of new gadgets(More)
Wireless communication and mobile computing have gained a lot concentration from the computer and communication research society. Wireless dissemination has emerged as an outstanding and scalable method to broadcast information to huge number of clients equipped with hand held devices. In practice, wireless broadcast faces challenge from issues like timely(More)
In this paper we propose a novel program for sequence alignment. This program has been developed in PERL. The web interface uses CGI and front end for data input and viewing the result has also been developed. This program counts the length of two sequences, aligns the two sequences, counts the number of matches, mismatches, gaps and score and displays the(More)
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