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In the modern era, with the explosive growth of image databases, huge amount of image and video archive led to rise of a new research and development of efficient method to searching, locating and retrieving of image. For this purpose, an efficient tool for searching, locating and retrieval of image is required. This paper presenting a survey on low level(More)
Cloud Computing can be defined as a service or a platform, or an operating system over the Internet to perform tasks. Database has become a part and parcel of life and is being used in almost every computer application. As it is considered the most basic thing, Cloud computing offers this database service too. There are different cloud providers or(More)
The properties of DNA sequences offer an opportunity to develop DNA specific compression algorithm. A lossless two phase compression algorithm is presented for DNA sequences. In the first phase a modified version of Run Length Encoding (RLE) is applied and in the second phase the resultant genetic sequences is compressed using ASCII values. Using ASCII(More)
Contrast enhancement plays an important role in image processing system. Enhancement is used to improve the appearance of an image and make it easier for visual interpretation, understanding and analysis of an image. Linear stretching and histogram equalization are the most common methods that are used for contrast enhancement, but the image that is(More)
Registration plate recognition is widely used in detecting speedy cars, traffic law enforcement and electronic toll collection. The problems associated with registration plate recognition are, plate images have different quality, illumination, view angle, distance, complex background and fonts. To address these problems, image processing tools are used for(More)
Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women and thus the early stage detection in breast cancer can provide potential advantage in the treatment of this disease. Early treatment not only helps to cure cancer but also helps in its prevention of its recurrence. Data mining algorithms can provide great assistance in prediction of earl y stage breast(More)
In this paper, we present a possible approach to use different Grid infrastructures across Europe and India for regional climate simulations and discuss in details the advantages and limitations in using them. The application taken into consideration is the Regional Climate Model RegCM4, which has been recently re-written for making it more efficient and(More)
Source separation is a problem in which signals are mixed together. It is becoming a tedious task to recuperate original components signal from the signal mixture. Blind Source Separation (BSS) is suggested as a key to the problem aiming at finding the linear representation in such a way that the components are statistically (stochastically) independent.(More)
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