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The autonomic nervous system plays a critical role in regulating the cardiovascular responses to mental and physical stress. Recent neuroimaging studies have demonstrated that sympathetic outflow to the heart is modulated by the activity of the anterior cingulate cortex (ACC). However, the cortical modulation of cardiovagal activity is still unclear in(More)
The goal of this study was to investigate the neural correlates of affective decision making, as measured by the Iowa Gambling Task (IGT), which are associated with adolescent binge drinking. Fourteen adolescent binge drinkers (16-18 years of age) and 14 age-matched adolescents who had never consumed alcohol--never drinkers--were recruited from local high(More)
BACKGROUND Functional MRI was used to study the impact of temporal lobe epilepsy (TLE) and anterior temporal lobectomy (ATL) on the cortical language network in patients with medically refractory TLE. METHODS Nineteen patients with medically refractory TLE and 11 healthy control subjects were enrolled in this study. Ten patients underwent left ATL (mean(More)
In general, cardiac regulation is dominated by the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems in men and women, respectively. Our recent study had revealed sex differences in the forebrain network associated with sympathoexcitatory response to baroreceptor unloading. The present study further examined the sex differences in forebrain modulation of(More)
The cortical regions representing peripheral autonomic reactions in humans are poorly understood. This study examined whether changes in forebrain activity were associated with the altered physiological responses to lower body negative pressure (LBNP) following a single bout of dynamic exercise (POST-EX). We hypothesized that, compared with the nonexercised(More)
Inhibitory processes are highly relevant to behavioral control affecting decisions made daily. The Go/NoGo task is a common task used to tap basic inhibitory processes important in higher order executive functioning. The present study assessed neural correlates of response inhibition during performance of a Go/NoGo task in which NoGo signals or tests of(More)
BACKGROUND The insular cortex (IC) has long been implicated in the central regulation of the autonomic nervous system but its precise role remains to be determined. We studied the role of IC in cardiovascular control using a multimodality approach consisting of isometric handgrip exercises, functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) activation during(More)
BACKGROUND Various functional resonance imaging, magnetoencephalographic and lesion studies suggest the involvement of the insular cortex in the control of swallowing. However, the exact location of insular activation during swallowing and its functional significance remain unclear. CASE PRESENTATION Invasive electroencephalographic monitoring was(More)
Generally, women demonstrate smaller autonomic and cardiovascular reactions to stress, compared with men. The mechanism of this sex-dependent difference is unknown, although reduced baroreflex sensitivity may be involved. Recently, we identified a cortical network associated with autonomic cardiovascular responses to baroreceptor unloading in men. The(More)
This research assessed activation in neural substrates involved in implicit associative processes through functional magnetic resonance imaging of an alcohol-Implicit Association Test (IAT) focused on positive outcomes of alcohol use. Comparisons involved 17 heavy and 19 light drinkers, ranging in age from 18 to 22, during compatible and incompatible(More)