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This study investigates the modulation of frontal EEG dynamics with respect to progress in motor learning. Using a computerized visual-motor task similar to mirror drawing, our work demonstrated that overall EEG activities in all frequency bands decreased with an increase in motor task familiarity. In particular, frontal EEG activities in delta band of the(More)
BACKGROUND Functional MRI was used to study the impact of temporal lobe epilepsy (TLE) and anterior temporal lobectomy (ATL) on the cortical language network in patients with medically refractory TLE. METHODS Nineteen patients with medically refractory TLE and 11 healthy control subjects were enrolled in this study. Ten patients underwent left ATL (mean(More)
This study investigates the modulation of frontal EEG dynamics with respect to progress in motor skill acquisition using a wireless EEG system with a single dry sensor. Participants were required to complete repeated trials of a computerized visual-motor task similar to mirror drawing while the EEG was collected. In each trial, task performance of the(More)
Dementia is one of the most common neurological disorders among the elderly. Identifying those who are of high risk suffering dementia is important to the administration of early treatment in order to slow down the progression of dementia symptoms. However, to achieve accurate classification, significant amount of subject feature information are involved.(More)
This research assessed activation in neural substrates involved in implicit associative processes through functional magnetic resonance imaging of an alcohol-Implicit Association Test (IAT) focused on positive outcomes of alcohol use. Comparisons involved 17 heavy and 19 light drinkers, ranging in age from 18 to 22, during compatible and incompatible(More)
This research evaluated the neural correlates of implicit associative memory processes (habit-based processes) through the imaging (fMRI) of a marijuana Implicit Association Test. Drug-related associative memory effects have been shown to consistently predict level of drug use. To observe differences in neural activity of associative memory effects, this(More)
BACKGROUND The insular cortex (IC) has long been implicated in the central regulation of the autonomic nervous system but its precise role remains to be determined. We studied the role of IC in cardiovascular control using a multimodality approach consisting of isometric handgrip exercises, functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) activation during(More)
Inhibitory processes are highly relevant to behavioral control affecting decisions made daily. The Go/NoGo task is a common task used to tap basic inhibitory processes important in higher order executive functioning. The present study assessed neural correlates of response inhibition during performance of a Go/NoGo task in which NoGo signals or tests of(More)
Neuroimaging techniques have recently been used to examine the neural mechanism of decision-making. Nevertheless, most of the neuroimaging studies overlook the importance of emotion and autonomic response in modulating the process of decision-making. In this paper, we discussed how to integrating fMRI with psychophysiological measurements in studying(More)