Saville Kushner

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Antigens shared by human brain and thymocytes and by human and mouse tissues were studied with rabbit anti-human thymocyte antiserum (RAHT). It was found that cytotoxicity of RAHT serum against mouse thymus cells was not absorbed by mouse liver or bone marrow cells. Human brain and thymus cells completely absorbed the anti-thymocyte activity from this(More)
Seventy six senior academics from 11 countries invite The BMJ's editors to reconsider their policy of rejecting qualitative research on the grounds of low priority. They challenge the journal to develop a proactive, scholarly, and pluralist approach to research that aligns with its stated mission Trisha Greenhalgh professor of primary care health sciences,(More)
Interleukin level and mononuclear phagocytes (MPh) activity have been studied in 19 patients with mono- and bipolar depression. All the patients were examined at admission to a hospital before treatment. The depression was characterized by low MPh activity, a significant (p < 0.05) fall in IL-1 beta production by stimulated monocytes, a trend to reduction(More)
We studied correlations between factors of inherent immunity and the effectiveness of therapy in patients with endogenous psychosis using the method of canonical correlations. There were strong significant (canonical R>0,8; p=0,02) positive correlations between the therapeutic effectiveness of neuroleptics (haloperidol and clozapine) and values of factors(More)
The study was conducted by the immune absorption method. The serum activity before and after absorption was studied with the cytotoxic test and the fluorescent antibody method. The studies demonstrated that antibodies, detected in the blood serum of patients and normals differ not only qualitatively but also quantitatively. It was established as well that(More)
Cytotoxic activity and lymphocyte natural killers (NK) number as well as gamma-interferon (gamma-IFN) production were studied in patients with paranoid (22 patients) and progressive attack-like (39 patients) schizophrenia (47 male and 14 female patients aged 16-62 years). Compared to controls, a decrease of NK activity and a trend towards gamma-IFN(More)
The use of the method of fluorescent antibodies and cytotoxic tests showed that the blood serum of schizophrenic patients and normals possess an antithymocytic activity. However, the level of this activity in patients exceeds the corresponding indices in normals (p less than 0.02). The use of indirect immunofluorescent methods permitted to demonstrate that(More)
Immunologic changes in schizophrenic psychoses were examined by different methods of genetic analysis. The cytotoxic test and the method of fluorescent antibodies showed an increase in the antithymocytic activity (ATA) of the blood serum. A high index of the coefficient of a genetic correlation between elevated blood levels of ATA and the genetic component(More)
Study aim. To investigate immunological parameters at the early stages of development of juvenile schizophrenia. Materials and methods. Immunological profiles were determined in patients aged 16–25 years receiving in-patient treatment. Patients were divided into two groups. Group 1 consisted of 39 patients with psychopathological symptomatology at the(More)