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We performed zero and transverse field muon spin rotation experiments on a large number of YBa2Cu3O6+x samples. We detect the coexistence of antiferromagnetic (AF) short range magnetism with superconductivity below T(f) < or = 10 K in compositions 0.37 < or = x < or = 0.39. Most muons experience local AF fields, even when a SQUID detects a full(More)
Linear dichroism (LD) in x-ray absorption, diffraction, transport, and magnetization measurements on thin La(0.7)Sr(0.3)MnO(3) films grown on different substrates, allow identification of a peculiar interface effect, related just to the presence of the interface. We report the LD signature of preferential 3d-e(g)(3z(2)-r(2)) occupation at the interface,(More)
The superconducting properties of LaFeAsO(1-x)F(x) under conditions of optimal electron doping are investigated upon the application of external pressure up to ∼23  kbar. Measurements of muon-spin spectroscopy and dc magnetometry evidence a clear mutual independence between the critical temperature T(c) and the low-temperature saturation value for the ratio(More)
Structural refinement, lattice micro-strain and spontaneous strain analyses have been carried out on selected members of the La(Fe1-xRux)AsO system using high-resolution neutron and synchrotron powder diffraction data. The obtained results indicate that the character of the tetragonal to orthorhombic structural transition changes from first order for x =(More)
We report on a ìSR and 55 Mn NMR investigation of the magnetic order parameter as a function of temperature in the optimally doped La(5/8)(CaySr(1.y))(3/8)MnO3 and in the underdoped La1.xSrxMnO3 and La1.xCaxMnO3 metallic manganite families. The study is aimed at unravelling the effect of lattice distortions, implicitly controlled by the Ca-Sr isoelectronic(More)
The evolution of magnetic order in Fe1+ySexTe1-x crystals as a function of Se content was investigated by means of ac/dc magnetometry and muon-spin spectroscopy. Experimental results and self-consistent density functional theory calculations both indicate that muons are implanted in vacant iron-excess sites, where they probe a local field mainly of dipolar(More)
By making a systematic study of the hydrogen-doped LaFeAsO system by means of dc resistivity, dc magnetometry, and muon-spin spectroscopy, we addressed the question of universality of the phase diagram of rare-earth-1111 pnictides. In many respects, the behaviour of LaFeAsO(1-x)H(x) resembles that of its widely studied F-doped counterpart, with H(-)(More)
We present (53)Cr-NMR spectra collected at low temperature in a single crystal of the heterometallic antiferromagnetic (AF) ring Cr(7)Ni in the S = 1/2 ground state with the aim of establishing the distribution of the local electronic moment in the ring. Due to the poor S/N we observed only one signal which is ascribed to three almost equivalent (53)Cr(More)
We report on the recovery of the short-range static magnetic order and on the concomitant degradation of the superconducting state in optimally F-doped SmFe(1-x)Ru(x)AsO(0.85)F(0.15) for 0.1≤x≲0.5. The two reduced order parameters coexist within nanometer-size domains in the FeAs layers and eventually disappear around a common critical threshold x(c)~0.6.(More)