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Melanocortin-1-receptor (MC1R) is one of the major genes that determine skin pigmentation. MC1R variants were suggested to be associated with red hair, fair skin, and an increased risk of melanoma. We performed a meta-analysis on the association between the 9 most studied MC1R variants (p.V60L, p.D84E, p.V92M, p.R142H, p.R151C, p.I155T, p.R160W, p.R163Q and(More)
Risk factors for gastric cancer (GC) include inter-individual variability in the inflammatory response to Helicobacter pylori infection, in the ability of detoxifying DNA reactive species and repairing DNA damage generated by oxidative stress and dietary carcinogens. To evaluate the association between polymorphic DNA repair genes and GC risk, a(More)
Percutaneous core biopsy (CB) has been introduced to increase the ability of accurately diagnosing breast malignancies without the need of resorting to surgery. Compared to conventional automated 14 gauge needle core biopsy (NCB), vacuum-assisted needle core biopsy (VANCB) allows obtaining larger specimens and has recognized advantages particularly when the(More)
The number of cutaneous melanoma survivors has been increasing for years due to improvements in early diagnosis and subsequent prolonged survival. These patients are at increased risk of developing a second melanoma and a second primary malignancy (SPM) at other sites as well. We performed a review of scientific literature and meta-analysis to evaluate the(More)
INTRODUCTION Literature on influenza focuses on influenza A, despite influenza B having a large public health impact. The Global Influenza B Study aims to collect information on global epidemiology and burden of disease of influenza B since 2000. METHODS Twenty-six countries in the Southern (n = 5) and Northern (n = 7) hemispheres and intertropical belt(More)
INTRODUCTION Determining the optimal time to vaccinate is important for influenza vaccination programmes. Here, we assessed the temporal characteristics of influenza epidemics in the Northern and Southern hemispheres and in the tropics, and discuss their implications for vaccination programmes. METHODS This was a retrospective analysis of surveillance(More)
The widespread implementation of mammography screening has resulted in an increased frequency of needle core biopsies (NCB). The aim of this study was that of evaluating the diagnostic reproducibility on breast NCB, according to the B-classification, among several pathologists from different Italian regions. Fifty single slides of NCBs performed for non(More)
OBJECTIVE To describe dietary carbohydrate intakes and their food sources among 27 centres in 10 countries participating in the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition (EPIC) study. METHODS Between 1995 and 2000, 36 034 subjects, aged between 35-74 years, were administered a standardized, 24-h dietary recall using a computerized(More)
Association of myeloproliferative neoplasm (MPN) with lymphoproliferative neoplasm (LPN) has been occasionally reported. The aim of this study, which included 353 patients with polycythemia vera and 467 with essential thrombocythemia, was to assess whether the risk of developing LPN is increased in MPN patients. Expected numbers of LPN incident cases were(More)
The correct identification of HER2-positive cases is a key point to provide the most appropriate therapy to breast cancer (BC) patients. We aimed at investigating the reproducibility and accuracy of HER2 expression by immunohistochemistry (IHC) in a selected series of 35 invasive BC cases across the pathological anatomy laboratories in Tuscany, Italy.(More)