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Cerebral catecholamines in acute rat poisoning with dimethoxydichlorovinyl phosphate
: Fluorescent histochemistry was used in experiments on rats to demonstrate that 30 minutes after administration of the anticholinesterase insecticide dimethoxydichlorvinyl phosphate (DDVPh) in aExpand
Effect of dimethoxydichlorovinylphosphate and fluostigmine on catecholaminergic structures in the rat brain
To characterize summation-discrimination properties of the visual analyzer on rabbits under the conditions of photopic and scotopic adaptation, bioelectrical responses of the retina, optic tract,Expand
The immunotropic activity of chemical substances as the possible cause of morbidity in ecologically damaged regions
The article describes the methods of prophylaxis and treatment of immunodeficient states caused by chemical etiology and the influence of pollutants upon non-specific resistance of a human organism, humoral and cellular immunity, and immune homeostasis morbidity. Expand