Savas Parastatidis

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The UK e-Science Programme is a £250M, 5 year initiative which has funded over 100 projects. These application-led projects are under-pinned by an emerging set of core middleware services that allow the coordinated, collaborative use of distributed resources. This set of middleware services runs on top of the research network and beneath the applications we(More)
There has been a lot of discussion in the community concerning the relationship between Web and Grid Services. This document presents an analysis of the Grid architecture and its relationship to the Web Services Architecture. It presents our views on the current version of the OGSI specification and then goes on to propose a different mapping of the Grid(More)
Dynasoar is an infrastructure for dynamically deploying Web services over a grid or the Internet. It enables an approach to grid computing in which distributed applications are built around services instead of jobs. Dynasoar automatically deploys a service on an available host if no existing deployments exist, or if performance requirements cannot be met by(More)
The panel will discuss various aspects of the ongoing Object Re-Use and Exchange (ORE) effort of the Open Archives Initiative (OAI). OAI-ORE is funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and is a result of the "Augmenting Interoperability across Scholarly Repositories" meeting that took place in April 2006 at the Mellon Foundation. A panel at JCDL 2006(More)
The Web services and service-oriented architectures (SOA) vision by Helland, P. (2005) is about building large-scale distributed applications by composing coarse-grained autonomous services in a flexible architecture that can adapt to changing business requirements. These services interact by exchanging one-way messages through standardized message(More)
This paper presents the motivation and design decisions for the Web Services Grid Application Framework (WS-GAF), which is a mapping of Grid architecture requirements onto the Web Services Architecture. The goal for WS-GAF is to describe a framework for building Grid applications that adheres to the principles of service-oriented architectures and utilises(More)