Savas Parastatidis

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The UK e-Science Programme is a £250M, 5 year initiative which has funded over 100 projects. These application-led projects are underpinned by an emerging set of core middleware services that allow the coordinated, collaborative use of distributed resources. This set of middleware services runs on top of the research network and beneath the applications we(More)
Permission to copy and display the Web Services Metadata Exchange Specification (the "Specification", which includes WSDL and schema documents), in any medium without fee or royalty is hereby granted, provided that you include the following on ALL copies of the Specification that you make: 1. A link or URL to the Specification at one of the Authors'(More)
NaradaBrokering has been developed as the messaging infrastructure for collaboration, peer-to-peer and Grid applications. It has undergone extensive functional testing in collaborative sessions and extensive performance measurements have been made in a variety of configurations including cross-continental applications. The value of NaradaBrokering in the(More)
NaradaBrokering provides a messaging abstraction that allows it to provide message-related capabilities in a transparent fashion. These capabilities include message-based security, time and causal ordering, compression, virtualization of transport protocol and addressing, and fault tolerance related functionalities. NaradaBrokering ¿ combined with further(More)
The SOAP Service Description Language (SSDL) is designed for describing asynchronous, message-oriented, and multimessage interactions between Web services. SSDL provides the basis for a range of protocol description frameworks. At one end of the spectrum, such frameworks can be simple, SOAP-centric replacements for the Web Services Description Language. At(More)
Dynasoar is an infrastructure for dynamically deploying Web Services over a Grid or the Internet. It enables an approach to Grid computing in which distributed applications are built around services instead of jobs. Dynasoar automatically deploys a service on an available host if no existing deployments exist, or if performance requirements cannot be met by(More)
BACKGROUND In the current era of scientific research, efficient communication of information is paramount. As such, the nature of scholarly and scientific communication is changing; cyberinfrastructure is now absolutely necessary and new media are allowing information and knowledge to be more interactive and immediate. One approach to making knowledge more(More)