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Bacteriocins and lactic acid bacteria - a minireview
Fermentation of various foods by lactic acid bacteria (LAB) is one of the oldest forms of biopreservation practised by mankind. Bacterial antagonism has been recognized for over a century but inExpand
Hygienic status assessment of dish washing waters, utensils, hands and pieces of money from street food processing sites in Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso)
During investigations on street food vendors’ materials, seventy samples of three types of dish washing water (E1, E2, E3), eighty-five pieces of money, eighty utensils were collected forExpand
Street-Vended Foods Improvement: Contamination Mechanisms and Application of Food Safety Objective Strategy : Critical Review
Data collected from street-vended food enterprises and on vendors in west African countries revealed that, they provide a variety of ready-to-eat foods to a high proportion of the populations.Expand
African cassava Traditional Fermented Food: The Microorganism’s Contribution to their Nutritional and Safety Values-A Review
Cassava is a food plants brought from the New World to the Tropical Africa where it does now establish (Blench, 2014). The utilization of cassava as food for America‘s societies began around the 18Expand
Carriage of bacteria by proboscises, legs, and feces of two species of flies in street food vending sites in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso.
Flies are widely recognized as potential reservoirs and vectors of bacteria. In the present study, an attempt was made to assess meat-poultry and local fruit juice processing and vending sites forExpand
Numeration and identification of thermotolerant endospore-forming Bacillus from two fermented condiments Bikalga and Soumbala
The thermotolerant Bacillus associated with Bikalga and Soumbala process were screened numbered and identified using standards and PCR methods. Thermotolerant bacteria in Soumbala ranged from 1.35 xExpand
A Comparative Study on Nutritional and Technological Quality of Fourteen (14) Cultivars of Pearl Millets (Pennisetum glaucum (L) Leeke) in Burkina Faso
A comparative study was carried out on nutritional and technological qualities of fourteen (14) cultivars of Pennisetum glaucum .The contents of proteins ranged from 8.66 % to 17.11 % for all theExpand
Zongo Oumarou, Tapsoba François, Guira Flibert, Zongo Cheikna, Traore Yves and Savadogo Aly *. LABIA/CRSBAN/Département de Biochimie-Microbiologie , UFR-SVT, Université Ouaga 1 Pr Joseph KI-ZERBO,Expand
Hygienic Quality and Nutritional Value of Attiéké from Local and Imported Cassava Dough Produced with Different Traditional Starters in Burkina Faso
Attieke is an essentially flavour starchy food produced from fermented cassava root. The product is widely consumed in Burkina Faso. The objective of the present study was to investigate theExpand
Physicochemical quality of artisanal oils produced in Ouagadougou: case of four small companies of cottonseed oils and crude groundnut oils taken in the markets
Artisanal oils dominate in the diet of the Burkinabe population.Among the food products, artisanal oils represent important sources of potential health risks. The objective of this study is toExpand