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During the past ten years, coupled quantum wells have emerged as a promising system for experiments on Bose condensation of excitons, with numerous theoretical and experimental studies aimed at the demonstration of this effect. One of the issues driving these studies is the possibility of long-range coherent transport of excitons. Excitons in quantum wells(More)
Biaxial strain is known to induce ferroelectricity in thin films of nominally nonferroelectric materials such as SrTiO3. By a direct comparison of the strained and strain-free SrTiO3 films using dielectric, ferroelectric, Raman, nonlinear optical and nanoscale piezoelectric property measurements, we conclude that all SrTiO3 films and bulk crystals are(More)
Ferroelectric materials are used in applications ranging from energy harvesting to high-power electronic transducers. However, industry-standard ferroelectric materials contain lead, which is toxic and environmentally unfriendly. The preferred alternative, BaTiO(3), is non-toxic and has excellent ferroelectric properties, but its Curie temperature of ∼130(More)
We report the magnetic and electrical characteristics of polycrystalline FeTiO_{3} synthesized at high pressure that is isostructural with acentric LiNbO_{3} (LBO). Piezoresponse force microscopy, optical second harmonic generation, and magnetometry demonstrate ferroelectricity at and below room temperature and weak ferromagnetism below approximately 120 K.(More)
High-performance piezoelectrics are lead-based solid solutions that exhibit a so-called morphotropic phase boundary, which separates two competing phases as a function of chemical composition; as a consequence, an intermediate low-symmetry phase with a strong piezoelectric effect arises. In search for environmentally sustainable lead-free alternatives that(More)
We report on new experiments and theory that unambiguously resolve the recent puzzling observation of large diameter exciton emission halos around a laser excitation spot in two dimensional systems. We find a novel separation of plasmas of opposite charge with emission from the sharp circular boundary between these two regions. This charge separation allows(More)
abstract Beev, G., S. Denev and D. Bakalova, 2013. Zearalenone-producing activity of Fusarium graminearum and Fusarium oxysporum isolated from Bulgarian wheat. Bulg. Several Fusarium species are important pathogens of cereals and corn, causing severe crop yield reduction. In addition, some isolates are able to produce mycotoxins. The most important Fusarium(More)
Oxygen octahedral rotations are the most common phase transitions in perovskite crystal structures. Here we show that the color symmetry of such pure elastic distortions is isomorphic to magnetic point groups, which allows their probing through distinguishing polar versus magnetic symmetry. We demonstrate this isomorphism using nonlinear optical probing of(More)
Screening of proteins for crystallization under laser irradiation was investigated using six proteins: ribonuclease B, glucose dehydrogenase, lysozyme, sorbitol dehydrogenase, fructose dehydrogenase and myoglobin. Shining 532 nm green circularly polarized laser light with a picosecond pulse and 6 mW power for 30 s on newly set-up protein drops showed a(More)
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