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White meat basically comprises of poultry products. Due to its health hazard many people are shunning away from red meat. The primary source of white meat is poultry farming where the practice of raising fowls, such as chickens, turkeys, ducks etc is carried out.. The entire requirement of white meat and eggs mostly come from these poultry products. The(More)
Watching movies has been one of the oldest sources of recreation. Standing in long queues for availing tickets has been a problem though. In the present day scenario the possibility of terrorist attacks in movie halls has also increased. In our paper, we have described a novel scheme how the movies can be seen in a multiplex without standing in long queues.(More)
Software piracy has been a very perilous adversary of the software-based industry, from the very beginning of the development of the latter into a significant business. There has been no developed foolproof system that has been developed to appropriately tackle this vile issue. We have in our scheme tried to develop a way to embark upon this problem using a(More)
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