Sausan M Jaber

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UNLABELLED Ubiquinone, commonly called coenzyme Q10 (CoQ), is a lipophilic electron carrier and endogenous antioxidant found in all cellular membranes. In the mitochondrial inner membrane it transfers electrons to complex III of the electron transport chain. The short chain CoQ analogue idebenone is in clinical trials for a number of diseases that exhibit a(More)
Gene-associated with retinoid-interferon induced mortality-19 (GRIM-19), a STAT3-inhibitory protein, was isolated as a growth-suppressive gene product using a genome-wide expression knockdown screen. We and others have shown a loss of expression and occurrence of mutations in the GRIM-19 gene in a variety of primary human cancers, indicating its potential(More)
Biological sex is thought to influence mitochondrial bioenergetic function. Previous respiration measurements examining brain mitochondrial sex differences were made at atmospheric oxygen using isolated brain mitochondria. Oxygen is 160 mm Hg (21%) in the atmosphere, while the oxygen tension in the brain generally ranges from ∼5 to 45 mm Hg (∼1-6% O2). This(More)
Read the highlighted article 'Defective synthesis and release of astrocytic thrombospondin-1 mediates the neuronal TDP-43 proteinopathy, resulting in defects in neuronal integrity associated with chronic traumatic encephalopathy: in vitro studies' on page 645.
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