Saurav Pathak

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A quantum critical point (QCP), separating the non-Fermi liquid region from the Fermi liquid, exists in the phase diagram of the two-dimensional Hubbard model [Vidhyadhiraja et al., Phys. Due to the vanishing of the critical temperature associated with a phase separation transition, the quantum critical point is characterized by a vanishing quasiparticle(More)
The dynamical cluster approximation (DCA) is a method which systematically incorporates nonlocal corrections to the dynamical mean-field approximation. Here we present a pedagogical discussion of the DCA by describing it as a ˚-derivable coarse-graining approximation in k-space, which maps an infinite lattice problem onto a periodic finite-sized cluster(More)
Diffuse optical tomography (DOT) has been employed to derive spatial maps of physiologically important chromophores in the human breast, but the fidelity of these images is often compromised by boundary effects such as those due to the chest wall. We explore the image quality in fast, data-intensive analytic and algebraic linear DOT reconstructions of(More)
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