Saurabh Vyas

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Many methods have been proposed for tissue segmentation in brain MRI scans. The multitude of methods proposed complicates the choice of one method above others. We have therefore established the MRBrainS online evaluation framework for evaluating (semi)automatic algorithms that segment gray matter (GM), white matter (WM), and cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) on 3T(More)
Several theories posit increased Subthalamic Nucleus (STN) activity is causal to Parkinsonism, yet in our previous study we showed that activity from 113 STN neurons from two epilepsy patients and 103 neurons from nine Parkinson's disease (PD) patients demonstrated no significant differences in frequencies or in the coefficients of variation of mean(More)
BACKGROUND The skin is the largest organ and is subject to the greatest exposure to outside elements throughout one׳s lifetime. Current data by the American Academy of Dermatology suggests that approximately ten people die each hour worldwide due to skin related conditions. Cancers such as melanoma are growths that originate in the epidermis. Therefore, an(More)
Spinal dorsal horn circuits receive, process, and transmit somatosensory information. To understand how specific components of these circuits contribute to behavior, it is critical to be able to directly modulate their activity in unanesthetized in vivo conditions. Here, we develop experimental tools that enable optogenetic control of spinal circuitry in(More)
The Global Billing system is an open platform developing in J2EE and having database in MySQL. Global Billing system is an application, middleware and key application. Global Billing system is a software and application program for consultancy services. It has 3 basic modules 1.ADMINISTRATOR 2.HR 3.EMPLOYEE. It helps to manage the data about employee,(More)
This paper presents survey of techniques for Mapping XML data to relational table using supervised and unsupervised learning. XML is being increasingly used in diverse domains ranging from data and application integration to content management. The techniques are categorized based upon different approaches like Statistics, Self Organizing Mappings Based(More)