Saurabh Shintre

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As an alternative to the algebraic net-multi-resolution multicast, and wireless multicast. In the first work codes prevalent in the literature, we consider Arith-case, each receiver desires a graceful tradeoff in distortion per-metic Network Codes (henceforth abbreviated as ANCs), formance versus throughput. Since the distortion measure cor-i.e., codes in(More)
– Network coding has been shown to improve throughput and reliability in a variety of theoretical and practical settings. But it has had limited success in areas like sensor networks due to it's two limitations. First, network codes are " all-or-nothing " codes; the sink cannot decode any information unless it receives as many coded packets as the original(More)
—We propose a probabilistic key distribution protocol for vehicular network that alleviates the burden of traditional public-key infrastructures. Roadside units act as trusted nodes and are used for secret-sharing among vehicles in their vicinity. Secure communication is immediately possible between these vehicles with high probability. Our performance(More)
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