Saurabh Saini

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Short internet video clips like vines present a significantly wild distribution compared to traditional video datasets. In this paper, we focus on the problem of unsupervised action classification in wild vines using traditional labeled datasets. To this end, we use a data augmentation based simple domain adaptation strategy. We utilize semantic word2vec(More)
This paper inheres presents the designing of robust control of inverted pendulum system which is a class of nonlinear system consist of a wagon, a pole and a dc motor. The mathematical modeling of inverted pendulum system is transformed into an approximate normal form using lie derivatives. The proposed controllers are designed using conventional sliding,(More)
In this paper, we presents a novel method (<i>RGBF-IID</i>) for intrinsic image decomposition of a wild scene without any restrictions on the complexity, illumination or scale of the image. We use focal stacks of the scene as input. A focal stack captures a scene at varying focal distances. Since focus depends on distance to the object, this representation(More)
User-given tags or labels are valuable resources for semantic understanding of visual media such as images and videos. Recently, a new type of labeling mechanism known as hash-tags have become increasingly popular on social media sites. In this paper, we study the problem of generating relevant and useful hash-tags for short video clips. Traditional(More)
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