Saurabh Mishra

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In symmetric key cryptography the sender as well as the receiver possess a common key. Asymmetric key cryptography involves generation of two distinct keys which are used for encryption and decryption correspondingly. The sender converts the original message to cipher text using the public key while the receiver can decipher this using his private key. This(More)
A sensor network is a collection of wireless sensor nodes, each equipped with embedded processor, memory, and a wireless transceiver, that may be designed to perform distributed sensing and tracking operations. The sensor nodes use ad hoc networking principles to communicate amongst themselves. However, limitations of battery power in the sensor nodes and(More)
Generally images get corrupted during image acquisition and transmission. There are so many techniques for image de-noising and all have some merits as well as some demerits and it " s still a big challenge before researchers. This paper has used wavelet thresholding technique for image de-noising. Wavelet thresholding method exploited the fact that small(More)
Ionizing irradiation induces severe damage to the intestinal crypt cells which are responsible for renovation and maintenance of the intestinal cellular architecture. Therefore, protection of intestinal cells and tissue against lethal irradiation using a semiquinone glucoside derivative (SQGD) isolated from radioresistant bacterium Bacillus sp. INM-1 is the(More)
A bio-chip arrayer system has been developed indigenously for producing bio-chips. The bio-chips are based on use of track etched membranes (TEM) as a novel solid support. TEM are extremely thin (10 micron) and highly microporous membranes. We have tested polycarbonate (PC) TEM by manual spotting of antibodies for the development of the antibody bio-chip(More)
Pharmacology as a subject depends largely on experiments conducted in laboratory animals. Experimental animals like rat, guinea pig, rabbit, etc. are used for the biological assay. For the teaching purposes to use isolated strip preparations from various organs, the laboratory animal species has to be sacrificed just for a piece of tissue. The present study(More)
In this work, we present a behavioral modeling framework and coverage behavior that accounts for a battery constraint. This framework allows a user to model robot teams performing common robotic tasks such as exploration. It uses roadmap-based methods that identify the available paths in potentially complex environments. We present a coverage strategy that(More)