Saurabh Mishra

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Firms spend considerable efforts to build brand awareness and associations among consumers. Yet there is a limited understanding of the financial returns of such investments. In this article, the authors present a framework that uses trademarks as measures of firms' branding efforts. They classify trademarks into two categories—brand-identification(More)
A sensor network is a collection of wireless sensor nodes, each equipped with embedded processor, memory, and a wireless transceiver, that may be designed to perform distributed sensing and tracking operations. The sensor nodes use ad hoc networking principles to communicate amongst themselves. However, limitations of battery power in the sensor nodes and(More)
Generally images get corrupted during image acquisition and transmission. There are so many techniques for image de-noising and all have some merits as well as some demerits and it " s still a big challenge before researchers. This paper has used wavelet thresholding technique for image de-noising. Wavelet thresholding method exploited the fact that small(More)
One of the important role of Rho-dependent transcription termination in bacteria is to prevent gene expressions from the bacteriophage DNA. The transcription anti-termination systems of the lambdoid phages have been designed to overcome this Rho action. The anti-terminator protein N has three interacting regions, which interact with the mRNA, with the NusA(More)
— Motion planning is the problem of finding a collision-free path for a robot from a start to goal configuration. State of the art techniques rely on sampling-based planning which samples and connects configurations until a valid path is found. Although most of these methods have been kept strictly computational, we implemented motion planning to physical(More)
INTRODUCTION Nucleoside diphosphate kinase (NDK), conserved across bacteria to humans, synthesises NTP from NDP and ATP. The eukaryotic homologue, the NDPK, uses ATP to phosphorylate the tubulin-bound GDP to GTP for tubulin polymerisation. The bacterial cytokinetic protein FtsZ, which is the tubulin homologue, also uses GTP for polymerisation. Therefore, we(More)
Interaction of the lambdoid phage N protein with the bacterial transcription elongation factor NusA is the key component in the process of transcription antitermination. A convex surface of E. coli NusA-NTD, located opposite to its RNA polymerase-binding domain (the β-flap domain), directly interacts with N in the antitermination complex. We hypothesized(More)
The occurrence of Campylobacter-like bacteria in fresh fish sold in retail markets of Mumbai was studied. Microaerophilic bacteria isolated following enrichment in Bolton broth and selective plating on Preston blood agar were subjected to biochemical identification followed by polymerase chain reaction to detect Campylobacter, Arcobacter and Helicobacter(More)