Saurabh Mishra

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In symmetric key cryptography the sender as well as the receiver possess a common key. Asymmetric key cryptography involves generation of two distinct keys which are used for encryption and decryption correspondingly. The sender converts the original message to cipher text using the public key while the receiver can decipher this using his private key. This(More)
A sensor network is a collection of wireless sensor nodes, each equipped with embedded processor, memory, and a wireless transceiver, that may be designed to perform distributed sensing and tracking operations. The sensor nodes use ad hoc networking principles to communicate amongst themselves. However, limitations of battery power in the sensor nodes and(More)
---------------------------------------------------------------------***--------------------------------------------------------------------Abstract This research represents a novel identification of gender by using different features of fingerprints. Fingerprints are the biometric system provides an automatic recognition of an individual based on some(More)
This paper is proposed of determining the gender through fingerprints.Finger prints verification is one of the most reliable personal identification method and it plays a very important role in forensic application like criminal investigation. Finger prints has been used as a biometric for the gender identification because of its unique nature and do not(More)
In this work, we present a behavioral modeling framework and coverage behavior that accounts for a battery constraint. This framework allows a user to model robot teams performing common robotic tasks such as exploration. It uses roadmap-based methods that identify the available paths in potentially complex environments. We present a coverage strategy that(More)