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There is a growing trend of using cloud environments for ever growing storage and data processing needs. However, adopting a cloud computing paradigm may have positive as well as negative effects on the data security of service consumers. This paper primarily aims to highlight the major security issues existing in current cloud computing environments. We(More)
–Rapid convergence of heterogeneous wireless communication technologies such as Wireless Local Area Networks (WLAN), Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access (WiMAX), Long Term Evolution (LTE) etc., attract new opportunities for collaborative usage. More and more applications are emerging to benefit from their advantages. However, with the range of(More)
In this paper we present the design of a wearable temperature sensing device for remote neonatal monitoring. It is designed for continuous and real-time monitoring of the infants in remote rural areas, for the first few weeks after their birth. It is capable of sensing the neonate's skin temperature with 0.1 • C accuracy to detect the early onset of(More)
This paper proposes a new paradigm for the design of cryptographic filesystems. Traditionally, cryptographic file systems have mainly focused on encrypting entire files or directories. In this paper, we envisage encryption at a finer granularity, i.e. encrypting parts of files. Such an approach is useful for protecting parts of large files that typically(More)
In this paper, we address the problem of user personalization and recommendation of news streams. This involves 'learning' from past user behaviour, such as the articles she read or did not read and accurately predicting new articles which she would be most likely to read. Our contribution in this paper is the development of a new algorithm for news(More)
Interactive Voice Response (IVR) platforms have been widely deployed in resource-limited settings. These systems tend to afford asynchronous push interactions, and within the context of health, provide medication reminders, descriptions of symptoms and tips on self-management. Here, we present the development of an IVR system for resource-limited settings(More)