Saurabh Karsoliya

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For image compression, it is very necessary that the selection of transform should reduce the size of the resultant data as compared to the original data set. In this paper, a new lossless image compression method is proposed. For continuous and discrete time cases, wavelet transform and wavelet packet transform has emerged as popular techniques. While(More)
Hidden layers plays a vital role in the performance of Back Propagation Neural Network especially in the case where problems related to arbitrary decision boundary to arbitrary accuracy with rational activation functions are encountered. Also, multiple hidden layer can approximate any smooth mapping to any accuracy. The process of deciding the number of(More)
This research is to search for alternatives to the resolution of complex medical diagnosis where human knowledge should be apprehended in a general fashion. Successful application examples show that human diagnostic capabilities are significantly worse than the neural diagnostic system. Then, paradigm of artificial neural networks is shortly introduced and(More)
In its first part, this contribution reviews shortly the application of neural network methods to medical problems and characterizes its advantages and problems in the context of the medical background. Various research shows that diagnostic capabilities of human are worse than the neural network strategy to diagnose any pattern. Then paradigm of neural(More)
With the rapid expansion of computer networks during the past few years, security has become a crucial issue for modern computer systems. A good way to identify malicious use is through monitoring unusual user activity. To identify these malicious activities various data-mining and machine learning techniques have been deployed for intrusion detection. The(More)
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