Saurabh Kamal

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PURPOSE To describe and compare the clinical presentation, treatment outcomes, and histopathologic features of ocular surface squamous neoplasia (OSSN) based on human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) status. DESIGN Case-control study. PARTICIPANTS A total of 200 patients with OSSN, of whom 83 (41%) had positive results for HIV and were classified as cases(More)
OBJECTIVE To study the utility of a commercially available small, portable ultra-high definition (HD) camera (GoPro Hero 4) for intraoperative recording. METHODS A head mount was used to fix the camera on the operating surgeon's head. Due care was taken to protect the patient's identity. The recorded video was subsequently edited and used as a teaching(More)
PURPOSE To report the features of Fourier domain optical coherence tomography imaging of the normal punctum and vertical canaliculus. METHODS Prospective, interventional series of consecutive healthy and asymptomatic adults, who volunteered for optical coherence tomography imaging, were included in the study. Fourier domain optical coherence tomography(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate the safety and efficacy of a new technique of circumostial mitomycin C (COS-MMC) injection in dacryocystorhinostomy (DCR) and to evaluate the outcomes. METHODS A prospective, interventional consecutive case series involving 110 DCR surgeries performed over a period of 1 year using the COS-MMC technique were evaluated. All patients were(More)
Amyloidosis and its ophthalmic manifestations are rare. The unusual presentation can result in diagnostic delay and increase ocular morbidity. Additionally, there are various predisposing conditions and systemic involvement can affect various organs. Hence, localized disease warrants a thorough clinical evaluation and laboratory investigation. We report two(More)
PURPOSE To compare levator plication with resection in congenital ptosis. METHODS Prospective comparative randomized trial involving 20 eyes of 20 patients with age > 4 yrs, simple mild-to-moderate congenital ptosis with good-to-fair amount of levator action were included. Patients were randomized to either levator resection or plication. Outcome was(More)
THE ARTICLE BY FU AND ASSOCIATES EVALUATING THE oral mucosal graft in cicatricial ocular surface reconstruction is very interesting. The lamellar division of he eyelid at the grey line with repositioning is used for orrections of entropion and lid margin keratinization. e also have found the technique very useful for such ases. In addition to the correction(More)
Purpose. To compare the feasibility of cataract surgery with implantation of endocapsular supporting devices and intraocular lens (IOL) in subluxated cataract in phacoemulsification and manual small incision cataract surgery (MSICS). Design. Prospective randomized intervention case series consisting of 60 eyes with visually significant subluxated cataract.(More)
INTRODUCTION The lens coloboma results from a segmental defective or absent development of the zonules. It is usually unilateral and bilateral cases are rare. These eyes are at greater risk of complications during cataract surgery due to ocular malformations. In addition the capsular bag requires stabilization using modified capsule tension ring, capsular(More)
Topiramate is a recognized cause of drug-induced acute angle-closure glaucoma. We describe a case presenting with bilateral acute angle-closure glaucoma caused by topiramate intake. Patient subsequently developed severe anterior uveitis caused by sulphonamide derivatives (acetazolamide and co-trimoxazole) due to cross-sensitivity, on two separate occasions.(More)