Saurabh Juneja

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INTRODUCTION Determination of age of a subject is one of the most important aspects of medico-legal cases and anthropological research. Radiographs can be used to indirectly measure the rate of secondary dentine deposition which is depicted by reduction in the pulp area. MATERIALS AND METHODS In this study, 200 patients of Karnataka aged between 18-72(More)
Sulfolipid-immobilizing protein 1 (SLIP1) is a germ cell plasma membrane protein that binds specifically to sulfogalactosylglycerolipid, a sulfoglycolipid found preferentially in mammalian male germ cells (Lingwood, Can. J. Biochem. Cell. Biol. 63:1077-1085, 1985b). SLIP1 in mouse and rat sperm exists on the periacrosomal membrane, where sperm initially(More)
BACKGROUND This split-mouth clinical study aimed to investigate levels of alpha-2-macroglobulin (a2M) in gingival crevicular fluid (GCF) of chronic periodontitis patients pre- and post-scaling and root planing (SRP) with or without adjunctive use of tetracycline fibers. MATERIALS AND METHODS In 30 patients of chronic periodontitis, samples of GCF were(More)
Ameloblastoma is true odontogenic tumor of epithelial origin, which is described as locally aggressive with varying chances of recurrence. It is believed to derive from enamel organ, remnants of dental lamina, lining of odontogenic cysts, or basal cells of oral epithelium. Radiologically, it may present as unilocular or multilocular radiolucency commonly.(More)
Tooth carving is an important practical preclinical exercise in the curriculum in Indian dental education setup. It forms the basis of introduction to tooth anatomy, morphology and occlusion of primary and permanent teeth through practical approach. It requires enormous time and manpower to master the skill. Therefore, there is an imminent necessity to(More)
The salivary glands, oral mucosa and jaws constitute a group of lesions which are heterogeneous in nature and are odontogenic, salivary or metastatic in origin. This group of tumours is termed as Clear Cell Tumours. Fixation artifacts are one of the most important reasons for the cell to appear clear but clearing of cells may also result from cytoplasmic(More)
BACKGROUND Increased iron overload is frequent problem in thalassemia patients, and this is monitored by serum ferritin levels or chemical assessment of the iron levels in liver tissue. However, repeated monitoring of serum ferritin levels to assess the iron overload is an invasive procedure associated with practical problems. AIMS To use Perl's Prussian(More)
BACKGROUND Bcl-2 and E-cadherin proteins are known to be involved in the control of apoptotic cell death and invasive potential, respectively, which is an important hallmark of tumor regulation that influences their biologic behavior. AIM This study investigates the relationship of Bcl-2 and E-cadherin immunoexpression in various Bryne's patterns of(More)
INTRODUCTION Oxidative stress has been implicated in tumourigenesis by affecting the actions of various protein kinases and transcription factors, and resulting in damage to DNA structure by the deamination of nucleotides and the generation of free radicals. Derangements in the antioxidant defence mechanism have been considered in the pathogenesis of oral(More)
BACKGROUND The B cell lymphoma-2 gene is a proto-oncogene whose protein product inhibits apoptosis. Its role is associated with keeping cells alive, but not by stimulating them to proliferation, as other proto-oncogenes do. Increased expression of protein product of Bcl-2 gene appears in the early phase of carcinogenesis leading to apoptosis impairment and(More)