Saurabh Gupta

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Today human-machine interaction is moving away from mouse and pen and is becoming pervasive and much more compatible with the physical world. With each passing day the gap between machines and humans is being reduced with the introduction of new technologies to ease the standard of living. Gestures have played a vital role in diminishing this abyss. In this(More)
This paper presents a performance evaluation of Microsoft Windows Media Streaming (WMS) on an IEEE 802.11g home network. Empirical measurements are used to determine the viability of streaming High Definition (HD) and high quality video over a wireless residential network using currently available multimedia streaming software. User experience is evaluated(More)
The performance analysis of computational fluid dynamics code can yield unexpected results, and translating the performance data into code improvements is not always a straightforward task. A possible approach for increasing comprehension is to look at the performance of multiple codes simultaneously. In this manner, differences in the codes may be(More)
Size reduction of patch antennas by loading them with complementary split ring resonators (CSRRs) has been recently demonstrated for linearly polarized radiators. This paper demonstrates that the design approach can be extended for circularly polarized radiation by employing multiple CSRRs under the patch to generate a 900 rotationally symmetric antenna(More)
The query processer and optimizer is an important component in today’s relational database management system. This component is responsible for translating a user query, usually written in a non-procedural language like SQL – into an efficient query evaluation program that can be executed against database. In this paper, we identify many of the common(More)
The “Ad hoc On-Demand Distance Vector (AODV) routing protocol” is used by mobile nodes in an ad hoc network. It offers quick adaptation to dynamic link conditions, low processing and memory overhead, low network utilization, and determines unicast routes to destinations within the ad hoc network. It uses destination sequence numbers to ensure loop freedom(More)
Traffic Jam has become a very big problem of today's world. It not only stresses the commuters but also wastes fuel and productive hours of Human Resource. Many times in dense but free flowing traffic, jams arise spontaneously, triggered by minor events such as an abrupt steering maneuver by a single motorist. This paper talks about resolving such type of(More)