Saurabh Goyal

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Polygon approximation is an important step in the recognition of planar shapes. Traditional polygonal approximation algorithms handle only images that are related by a similarity transformation. The transformation of a planar shape as the viewpoint changes with a perspective camera is a general projective one. In this paper, we present a novel method for(More)
Community detection in social networks is a well-studied problem. A community in social network is commonly defined as a group of people whose interactions within the group are more than outside the group. It is believed that people’s behavior can be linked to the behavior of their social neighborhood. While shared characteristics of communities have been(More)
Recognition of discrete planar contours under similarity transformations has received a lot of attention but little work has been reported on recognizing them under more general transformations. Planar object boundaries undergo projective or affine transformations across multiple views. We present two methods to recognize discrete curves in this paper. The(More)
Allo-anti-M often has an immunoglobulin G (IgG) component but is rarely clinically significant. We report a case of hemolytic disease of the fetus and newborn along with prolonged anemia in newborn twins that persisted for up to 70 days postbirth. The aim was to diagnose and successfully manage hemolytic disease of newborn (HDN) due to maternal(More)
Markets serve as a platform for buyers and sellers to come together, place their buy and sell offers, and exchange their commodities at the clearing price. We study a primitive market model with focus on " up to maximum " bids and design a scheme for calculating the clearing price. It is important that the bids by buyers and sellers are not disclosed to the(More)
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