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Comparative assessment of therapeutic response to physiotherapy with or without botulinum toxin injection using diffusion tensor tractography and clinical scores in term diplegic cerebral palsy
It is concluded that addition of BTX to physiotherapy regimen does not influence the outcome at 6months with similar insult in children with term diplegic spastic CP and this information may influence management of Diplegic CP especially in developing countries, where BTX is beyond the reach of these children.
DTI correlates of cognition in term children with spastic diplegic cerebral palsy.
Results suggest that diffusion tensor imaging metrics may be used as a biomarker of cognitive functions in term children with spastic diplegia.
Changes in resting-state functional brain activity are associated with waning cognitive functions in HIV-infected children
AlFF and FC in association with cognitive evaluation may provide a clinical biomarker to evaluate functional brain activity and to plan neurocognitive intervention in HIV-infected children undergoing standard treatment.
Cerebral Blood Flow and DTI metrics changes in children with cerebral palsy following therapy
CBF values are high in CP children as compared to controls and show alteration following therapy even when the DTI metrics remain unchanged, and arterial spin labeling (ASL) may be added to the advanced imaging protocol for studying brain plasticity in such children in future.
Altered Gray Matter Volume and Structural Connectivity in Pediatric Cirrhotic
The gray matter changes and global and regional topological properties of structural brain networks in pediatric cirrhotic compared to pediatric controls are evaluated and the regional changes in gray matter and structural brain connectivity are evaluated.