Saurabh Bajpai

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Mulberry is the chief food plant for silkworm further mulberry is also having many active pharmacokinetics principles. DNJ is one of the active pharmacokinetic principles with potent capability of inhibiting hyperglycemia. In our study, we screened some of the important mulberry varieties of south India to identify the DNJ content. Derivatized samples of(More)
We have developed a procedure which allows the isolation of secretion granules from fresh parathyroid glands. Following collagenase digestion of the tissue, the cells were broken with osmotic shock and a crude granule/mitochondrial pellet was obtained by differential centrifugation. Before loading this fraction onto a metrizamide density gradient it was(More)
Diabetes mellitus is a metabolic disorder and affects nearly 10% of the population every year. The aim of present study was to investigate the histological changes in diabetic Induced Swiss albino mice, Mus norvegicus albinus on exposure to 1Deoxynojirimycin. 1-Deoxynojirimycin is known to be a potent antidiabetic compound. The study was conducted on mice(More)
We have studied the incorporation of radioactive P (32P) into lipids of bovine parathyroid tissue under conditions of stimulated and inhibited hormone secretion. Utilizing low (0.5 mM) and high (3.0 mM) concentrations of calcium to regulate parathyroid hormone secretion, we initially found that the labeling of the cellular phospholipids with 32P was greater(More)
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