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Random Amplified Polymorphic DNA (RAPD) showed a high degree of polymorphism in nine species of bamboo, Dendrocalamus giganteus Wall ex Munro, D. asper Becker ex K. Heyn, D. longispathus (Kurz) Kurz, Bambusa vulgaris `Striata', B. ventricosa, B. bambos (L.) A. Voss, B. atra Lindley, Gigantochloa atroviolacea Wdjaja and Arundinaria hindsii, in Sri Lanka. The(More)
Continuous axillary shoot proliferation and in vitro flowering were achieved using single node explants from a mature (over 70-yr-old) field clump of Dendrocalamus giganteus (giant bamboo). The shoots proliferated in a basal Murashige and Skoog medium with 6 mgl−1 (26.6 μM) N6-benzyladenine (BA) and 2% sucrose. The rate of shoot proliferation gradually(More)
We recently described that HIV latent infection can be established in vitro following incubation of resting CD4+ T-cells with chemokines that bind to CCR7. The main aim of this study was to fully define the post-integration blocks to virus replication in this model of CCL19-induced HIV latency. High levels of integrated HIV DNA but low production of reverse(More)
…when the roots and culms are about to rot, blossoms and seeds then appear. They are certain to die when sixty… Dai Kai Zhi (467 AD) ABSTRACT The switch to flowering is the most important event in the life cycle of a plant, signaling its commitment to set seed ensuring survival of the species. Effective and efficient pollination leading to seed set requires(More)
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