Saumya Jain

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Proteins regulate gene expression by controlling mRNA biogenesis, localization, translation and decay. Identifying the composition, diversity and function of mRNA-protein complexes (mRNPs) is essential to understanding these processes. In a global survey of Saccharomyces cerevisiae mRNA-binding proteins, we identified 120 proteins that cross-link to mRNA,(More)
This paper examines the feasibility of dynamic rescheduling techniques for effectively utilizing compute resources within a data center. Our work is motivated by practical concerns of Intel Distributed Computing Platform (<i>IDCP</i>), an Internet-scale data center based distributed computing platform developed by Intel Corporation for massively parallel(More)
  • Joshua R Wheeler, Tyler Matheny, Saumya Jain, Robert Abrisch, Roy Parker
  • 2016
Stress granules are non-membrane bound RNA-protein (RNP) assemblies that form when translation initiation is limited and contain a biphasic structure with stable core structures surrounded by a less concentrated shell. The order of assembly and disassembly of these two structures remains unknown. Time course analysis of granule assembly suggests that core(More)
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