Saumitra Mukherjee

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OBJECTIVE To report a case of olanzapine-induced hyperglycemia leading to a hyperosmolar, hyperglycemic, nonketonic coma. CASE SUMMARY A 51-year-old, 85.5-kg (ideal body weight 79.9 kg), white man presented to a Veterans Affairs hospital with a serum glucose concentration of 1596 mg/dL. Soon thereafter, he went into a hyperosmolar, hyperglycemic,(More)
OBJECTIVE To describe an active, structured ethics/professionalism discussion format developed for an elective course titled Ethics and Professionalism in Pharmacy. DESIGN The format uses the acronym ETHICS (Evaluate, Teach, Hear, Interview, Concede, Self-reflect). Before class, students evaluated (Evaluate) literature pertaining to ethics/professionalism(More)
A multi-indicator thirty cluster survey was conducted during February- March 2008 in the rural areas of Anand district of Gujrat state to assess the utilization of the reproductive and child health services provided through government sector. In each selected village minimum 40 households were visited till total eight children in age group 12-23 months, at(More)
Studies focusing on the geological processes on the moon have found various tectonic features suggesting similar geological activity occurring on the Earth (Shwarz, 1928). Also, it can be inferred that meteoritic impact, cosmic and solar wind flux variability coupled with the interior changes of the Moon may have manifested in the form of tectonic activity(More)