Saumil V Patel

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Receptors for a variety of hematopoietins, interferons alpha/beta and gamma, and growth hormone have recently been shown to mediate rapid, ligand-dependent activation of the Janus-type cytosolic protein-tyrosine kinases Jak1, Jak2, and/or tyk-2. This finding extends relatedness among class I and II cytokine receptors to a functional context and provides an(More)
Epithelial Na(+) absorption is regulated by Nedd4-2, an E3 ubiquitin-protein ligase that reduces expression of the epithelial Na(+) channel ENaC at the cell surface. Defects in this regulation cause Liddle syndrome, an inherited form of hypertension. Previous work found that Nedd4-2 binds to ENaC via PY motifs located in the C termini of alpha-, beta-, and(More)
The c-myc gene has been implicated in multiple cellular processes including proliferation, differentiation, and apoptosis. In addition to the full-length c-Myc 1 and 2 proteins, we have found that human, murine, and avian cells express smaller c-Myc proteins arising from translational initiation at conserved downstream AUG codons. These c-Myc short (c-Myc(More)
The reference range for 25-hydroxyvitamin D (25-OHD) remains uncertain, and it is not clear as to whether interpretation of circulating 25-OHD would be aided by simultaneous measurement of serum parathyroid hormone (PTH). We wanted to define the level of serum 25-OHD associated with a raised serum PTH and to examine the determinants of the relationship(More)
Apoptosis, or programmed cell death (PCD), recently has emerged as an important homeostatic mechanism within several hematopoietic lineages. This process is subject to both positive and negative modulation by cytokines and within the erythroid lineage is inhibited by interleukin-3, stem cell factor, and erythropoietin (Epo). Through the expression of(More)
Shunt surgery is the usual treatment for infantile hydrocephalus, but its precise effects on ventricles and cortex are not well understood. Infant H-Tx rats with inherited hydrocephalus, which have progressive enlargement of the lateral ventricles and thinned cerebral cortex, have been used to study the effect of ventriculosubcutaneous shunts by(More)
Members of the Janus family of protein tyrosine kinases are emerging as primary, receptor-associated transducing factors among numerous cytokine systems. However, little is understood regarding mechanisms of recruitment of these kinases to receptor complexes and their ligand-dependent activation. To initially address these questions, we have assessed(More)
Brain temperature was varied during global forebrain ischemia in adult male Mongolian gerbils to produce a graded response to the ischemic insult. The severity of damage in the dorsal hippocampus was then quantified 4 days after the event withT 2-weighted 2DFT images and with histology. Statistically significant correlation was observed between magnetic(More)
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