Saumik Bhattacharya

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In this paper, design, fabrication, assembly and testing of a unique high read-range high-efficiency (95%) Radio Frequency IDentification (RFID) antenna for the 915 MHZ UHF band are discussed. The exceptional characteristics of the RFID are investigated in terms of antenna-IC matching and radiation efficiency. The 915 MHz passive tag is a 3 " x 3 "(More)
One highly integrated mixed-signal testbed has been developed to demonstrate the concept and realization of advanced System-on-a-Package concept. This experimental system, called Intelligent Network Communicator (INC), deals with three different status of the signals, digital, RF and optical, in a single packaging platform. The INC transmits and receives(More)
With the increasing demand of visual media, video summarization is getting more and more importance in professional content browsing, sorting and selection. It is gaining importance in surveillance to preserve storage space and to reduce user interference in analysing huge video data. Unfortunately, most of the summarization algorithms pick the frames with(More)
From the early age of technology mankind is always fascinated about capturing the scenes around them. These photographs work as an important media to know and understand the past. Unfortunately, due to aging, repetitive usage and in presence of external reagents, the perceptual quality of these old images degrade severely. Thus, restoration of vintage(More)
but the transfer function is not totally flat, like in the simulations. The reason of this difference between simulations and measurements is caused by the imperfections of the OSSB filter. After the experiments of the OSSB modulation, the effect of the mode filter is measured as well. The SMF patchcord theoretically filters off every mode groups except(More)