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Dehazing of color image using stochastic enhancement
Images captured in presence of fog, haze or snow usually suffer from poor contrast and visibility. In this paper we propose a novel dehazing method to increase visibility from a single view withoutExpand
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Background estimation and motion saliency detection using total variation-based video decomposition
As human vision system is highly sensitive to motion present in a scene, motion saliency forms an important feature in a video sequence. Motion information is used for video compression, objectExpand
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Effects of Degradations on Deep Neural Network Architectures
Deep convolutional neural networks (CNNs) have achieved many state-of-the-art results recently in different fields of computer vision. Different architectures are emerging almost everyday thatExpand
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Spatiotemporal Colorization of Video Using 3D Steerable Pyramids
We propose a new technique for video colorization based on spatiotemporal color propagation in the 3D video volume, utilizing the dominant orientation response obtained from the steerable pyramidExpand
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Selection of keyframes for video colourization using steerable filtering
The appropriate selection of distinctive keyframes to represent the salient contents of a video is a critical task in video processing applications that rely on content analysis or informationExpand
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Video Shot Detection & Story Board Generation Using Video Decomposition
With the increasing demand of visual media, video summarization is getting more and more importance in professional content browsing, sorting and selection. It is gaining importance in surveillanceExpand
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Localized image enhancement
Image enhancement is a well established field in image processing. The main objective of image enhancement is to increase the perceptual information contained in an image for better representationExpand
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Visual Saliency Detection Using Spatiotemporal Decomposition
We propose a novel technique for detection of visual saliency in dynamic video based on video decomposition. The decomposition obtains the sparse features in a particular orientation by exploitingExpand
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Viral marketing on social networks: An epidemiological perspective
Omnipresent online social media nowadays has a constantly growing influence on business, politics, and society. Understanding these newer mechanisms of information diffusion is very important forExpand
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High accuracy depth filtering for Kinect using edge guided inpainting
Kinect is an easy and convenient means to calculate the depth of a scene in real time. It is used widely in several applications for its ease of installation and handling. Many of these applicationsExpand
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