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Gaucher disease (GD) is an orphan disease characterized by the lack or incapacity of glucocerebrosidase (hGCase) to properly process glucosylceramide, resulting in its accumulation in vital structures of the human body. Enzyme replacement therapy supplies hGCase to GD patients with a high-cost recombinant enzyme produced in vitro in mammalian or plant cell(More)
Cloning procedures often interfere with conceptus growth and life ex utero, in a set of symptoms known as abnormal offspring syndrome (AOS). The aim of the present study was to compare the developmental pattern of in vivo-derived (IVD), IVF-derived and handmade cloning-derived (NT-HMC) Day 225 bovine concepti using established procedures. Pregnancy(More)
Lipid-rich and energy-dense diets can have significant effects on the reproductive physiology, including the ovarian function and fertility. The aim of this study was to assess the effect of cashew nut bran supplementation as a lipid source on follicle development, plasma and intrafollicular concentrations of cholesterol, and developmental competence of in(More)
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