Saugata Bose

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Sensor nodes deployed in hostile environments are vulnerable to capture and compromise. Due to the inexpensive hardware components, an attacker can easily obtain cryptographic information from these sensors, clone them and surreptitiously insert these clones back in the network. Cloning provides the adversary an easy way to build an army of malicious nodes(More)
Large scale migrations, especially involuntary ones, can have a sudden and substantial impact on the demographics of both sending and receiving communities. The partition of the Indian subcontinent in 1947 resulted in one of the largest and most rapid population exchanges in human history. We compile census data to estimate its impact on a district’s(More)
Among various models, now a day, to address changing customer’s needs, commercial software developers intend to use iterative processes. Agile software development processes are built on the foundation of iterative development. One of the agile development processes is Scrum, which is an iterative incremental process of software development. Besides meeting(More)
The internet has increased the copy-paste scenarios amongst students as well as amongst researchers leading to different levels of plagiarized documents. For this reason, much of research is focused on for detecting plagiarism automatically. In this paper, an initiative is discussed where Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques, as well as supervised(More)
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