Sau Cheong Loh

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A crosstalk between commensals, gut immune cells, and colonic epithelia is required for a proper function of intestinal mucosal barrier. Here we investigated the importance of two distinct intestinal dendritic cell (DC) subsets in controlling intestinal inflammation. We show that Clec9A-diphtheria toxin receptor (DTR) mice after depletion of(More)
Administration of mannoheptulose partially protected mice infected with Listeria monocytogenes against the lethal effect of a subsequent endotoxin challenge. The ability of these animals to produce tumour necrosis factor was however unaffected. Mannoheptulose was observed to reverse the hypoglycaemic effect of endotoxin, possibly through inhibition of(More)
Local health agencies in Iowa were surveyed in 1995 and 1997 to ascertain their performance in the areas of assessment, policy development, and assurance. Some improvements were noted in the assessment function. However, development of health plans and a policy agenda as well as evaluation of programs remain weak. Structural changes may be needed to(More)
The endotoxin shock induced in mice by injection of viable Listeria monocytogenes and challenged with endotoxin can be alleviated by combined administration of mannoheptulose with acetylsalicylate or sulindac. The ability of animals to secrete tumour necrosis factor into the blood was, however, not affected. The significance of these observations are(More)
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