Satyesh Kumar Yadav

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AlN nanolayers in sputter deposited {111}Al/AlN/TiN multilayers exhibit the metastable zinc-blende-structure (z-AlN). Based on density function theory calculations, the growth of the z-AlN is ascribed to the kinetically and energetically favored nitridation of the deposited aluminium layer. In situ nanoindentation of the as-deposited {111}Al/AlN/TiN(More)
In the last four decades the semiconductor industry has seen the success of continuously improving the performance of integrated circuits. Behind this success is the miniaturization of the Si-based transistors through down scaling the thickness of the SiO 2 gate dielectric layer. As the SiO 2 layer is approaching the atomic scale limit (∼1 nm), it needs to(More)
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