Satyen Abrol

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In the present world scenario, where the search engines wars are becoming fiercer than ever, it becomes necessary for each search engine to realize the intent of the user query to be able to provide him with more relevant search results. Amongst the various categories of search queries, a major portion is constituted by those having news intent. Seeing the(More)
— According to a recent report by research firm ABI Research, location-based social networks could reach revenues as high as $13.3 billion by 2014 [1]. Social Networks like Foursquare and Gowalla are in a dead heat in the Location War. But, having said that it is important to understand for privacy and security reasons, most of the people on social(More)
 Liangliang Xiao, 2012 Secure query communication and processing protocols for critical cloud applications.
In the present world scenario, everybody is on the lookout for suitable housing options, each having different needs (e.g., the elderly are looking for safe, quiet neighbourhood, while students are looking for affordable apartments close to the university/school). For e.g., Craigslist currently does not have a map version, making the process of apartment(More)