Satyanarayana Murthy

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A transportation problem with fuzzy demand and supply values and objective function assuming multiple choices is considered. Two cases are dealt with where the goal function assumes a set of choices and a range. Multi-choice goal programming methodology is applied for both the cases. This results in a linear programming problem where some of the constraints(More)
Wound healing effects of 50% ethanol extract of dried whole plant of Bacopa monniera (BME) was studied on wound models in rats. BME (25 mg/kg) was administered orally, once daily for 10 days (incision and dead space wound models) or for 21 days or more (excision wound model) in rats. BME was studied for its in vitro antimicrobial and in vivo wound breaking(More)
Research in Underwater Wireless Sensor Networks (UWSNs) has flourished in recent past. Routing in underwater wireless sensor networks differs from routing in terrestrial wireless sensor networks. This is due to issues such as limited bandwidth in water, node mobility due to water currents, and potential delay in data packet transmission. A novel(More)
By the maximality of a, the minimality of 3* and (4), we conclude that E t ,& f + i > 0 (and, of course, E ti B » +1 = # tf g'+i). But B'+l is even, 3 is odd, and 3 f '+ 1 £ 3. Hence, we also have 3'+l < 3. 3 f + l < 3 and (3) contradict the minimality of 3. We conclude that (t + l 9 n-l 9 f) £ A. We have shown that, in both Case b.l and Case b.2, statement(More)
—Data mining is an emerging research area applied where researchers applies for science and business application. In this paper data mining techniques are apply to placement prediction where recruitment taken place. Recruitment is one of the most important functions for any organization as they seek talented and qualified professionals to fill up their(More)
Background: Postoperative discitis is an uncommon complication of spine surgery with estimated incidence rate usually less than 1% 1. It is defined as primary infection of nucleus pulposus with secondary involvement of cartilaginous end plates and adjacent vertebral bodies following lumbar disc surgeries 2. Early diagnosis based on clinical, laboratory,(More)
In this correspondence, a new method of analysis of speech is proposed that will bring out variations in vocal tract system characteristics in short (2 4 ms) segments. In this method, the source and system components of the speech signal are suitably windowed to reduce the effects of truncation of conventional waveform windowing.
Speech is the vocalized form of human communication. The variations in speech occurred due to vocal tract vibration. The main aim of speech analysis is to derive time varying characteristics from speech. The three features are considered for analysis namely energy, pitch, and formant frequency. It is observed that variations in speech in same and different(More)
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