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— In this paper, the problem of planning paths for a collection of vehicles passing through a set of targets is considered. Each vehicle starts at a specified location (called a depot) and it is required that each target be on the path of at least one vehicle. Every vehicle has a motion constraint and the path of each vehicle must satisfy that constraint.(More)
The Dubins Traveling Salesman Problem (DTSP) has generated significant interest over the last decade due to its occurrence in several civil and military surveillance applications. Currently, there is no algorithm that can find an optimal solution to the problem. In addition, relaxing the motion constraints and solving the resulting Euclidean TSP (ETSP)(More)
The Dubins interval problem aims to find the shortest path of bounded curvature between two targets such that the departure angle from the first target and the arrival angle at the second target are constrained to two respective intervals. We propose a new and a simple algorithm to this problem based on the minimum principle of Pontryagin.
— This article presents a framework and develops a formulation to solve a path planning problem for multiple heterogeneous Unmanned Vehicles (UVs) with uncertain service times for each vehicle–target pair. The vehicles incur a penalty proportional to the duration of their total service time in excess of a preset constant. The vehicles differ in their motion(More)
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