Satyanarayan Bhuyan

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  • Yujie Zhou, Junhui Hu, Satyanarayan Bhuyan
  • IEEE transactions on ultrasonics, ferroelectrics…
  • 2013
In this work, we report the use of a low-frequency circular ultrasonic stage to form a circular spot of silver nanowires (AgNWs) at the stage center and to radially align AgNWs on the stage surface. The manipulations are implemented within an AgNW suspension droplet at the center of the ultrasonic stage. The ultrasonic stage (50.8 mm diameter, 3.5 mm thick)(More)
A compact wireless energy transfer scheme for delivering power to the implantable electronic devices has been presented here. The wireless energy transfer system is built by using a printed spiral receiving resonator with a cylindrical source resonator to transfer energy wirelessly through strongly coupled magnetic resonance. Experimentally, it is found(More)
Despite the many attractive potential uses of ceramic materials as humidity sensors, some unavoidable drawbacks, including toxicity, poor biocompatibility, long response and recovery times, low sensitivity and high hysteresis have stymied the use of these materials in advanced applications. Therefore, in present investigation, we developed a capacitive(More)
The paper describes an algorithm for determining the line outage contingency of a line taking into account of line over load effect in remaining lines and subsequent tripping of over loaded line(s) leading to possible system split or islanding of a power system. The optimally ordered sparse [B 0], [B 00] matrices for the integrated system are used for load(More)
Nano-vibration characteristics of a wirelessly driven piezoelectric plate operating in the thickness mode have been analyzed in this work. A mechanical resonance vibration is excited in the piezoelectric plate wirelessly driven by ac electric field produced from focused electric field structure. Theoretically it has been found that the vibration(More)
A new technique of droplets merging through wireless ultrasonic actuation has been proposed and experimentally investigated in this work. The proposed method is based on the principle of resonant inductive coupling and piezoelectric resonance. When a mechanical vibration is excited in a piezoelectric plate, the ultrasonic vibration transmitted to the(More)
An ultrasonic contact-type position restoration mechanism is proposed and investigated in this paper. In the mechanism, two driving points of an ultrasonic vibrator, excited by an AC voltage, produces a restoring force on a slider so that the slider can be pushed back to its equilibrium after it is perturbed away from its equilibrium. The restoring force is(More)
The wireless drive of an automated implantable electronic sensor has been explored for health monitoring applications. The proposed system comprises of an automated biomedical sensing system which is energized through resonant inductive coupling. The implantable sensor unit is able to monitor the body temperature parameter and sends back the corresponding(More)
A new technique of wireless energy transfer to piezoelectric component using ultrasonic wave has been investigated. Finite element simulation has been carried out in order to analyze the operating mechanism of the proposed ultrasonic energy transfer system. It is observed that the piezoelectric receiver gets excited when it captures the generated ultrasonic(More)
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