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Novelty is an essential feature of creative ideas, yet the building blocks of new ideas are often embodied in existing knowledge. From this perspective, balancing atypical knowledge with conventional knowledge may be critical to the link between innovativeness and impact. Our analysis of 17.9 million papers spanning all scientific fields suggests that(More)
The obesity epidemic is heightening chronic disease risk globally. Online weight management (OWM) communities could potentially promote weight loss among large numbers of people at low cost. Because little is known about the impact of these online communities, we examined the relationship between individual and social network variables, and weight loss in a(More)
Spatial networks range from the brain networks, to transportation networks and infrastructures. Recently interacting and multiplex networks are attracting great attention because their dynamics and robustness cannot be understood without treating at the same time several networks. Here we present maximal entropy ensembles of spatial multiplex and spatial(More)
Experience is an important asset in almost any professional activity. In basketball, there is believed to be a positive association between coaching experience and effective use of team timeouts. Here, we analyze both the extent to which a team's change in scoring margin per possession after timeouts deviate from the team's average scoring margin per(More)
We investigate the time evolution of the scores of the second most popular sport in the world: the game of cricket. By analyzing, event by event, the scores of more than 2000 matches, we point out that the score dynamics is an anomalous diffusive process. Our analysis reveals that the variance of the process is described by a power-law dependence with a(More)
The Internet Movie Database (IMDb) is one of the most-visited websites in the world and the premier source for information on films. Similar to Wikipedia, much of IMDb's information is user contributed. IMDb also allows users to voice their opinion on the quality of films through voting. We investigate whether there is a connection between user voting data(More)
Scientists and inventors can draw on an ever-expanding literature for the building blocks of tomorrow's ideas, yet little is known about how combinations of past work are related to future discoveries. Our analysis parameterizes the age distribution of a work's references and revealed three links between the age of prior knowledge and hit papers and(More)
This paper describes the applications of network methods for understanding interaction within members of sport teams.We analyze the interaction of batsmen in International Cricket matches. We generate batting partnership network (BPN) for different teams and determine the exact values of clustering coefficient, average degree, average shortest path length(More)
We study the efficiency of the gradient mechanism of message transfer in a two-dimensional communication network of regular nodes and randomly distributed hubs. Each hub on the network is assigned some randomly chosen capacity and hubs with lower capacities are connected to the hubs with maximum capacity. The average travel times of single messages(More)
In this paper we study the Indian Highway Network as a complex network where the junction points are considered as nodes, and the links are formed by an existing connection. We explore the topological properties and community structure of the network. We observe that the Indian Highway Network displays small world properties and is assortative in nature. We(More)