Satyajit V Marawar

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A novel sequence of posteromedial release consistent with surgical technique of total knee arthroplasty was performed in 15 cadaveric knees. Medial and lateral flexion and extension gaps were measured after each step of the release using a computed tomography-free computer navigation system. A spring-loaded distractor and a manual distractor were used to(More)
BACKGROUND Knowledge of normal tibial torsion is mandatory during total knee replacement (TKR), deformity correction and fracture management of tibia. Different values of tibial torsion have been found in different races due to biological and mechanical factors. Value of normal tibial torsion in Indian limbs is not known, hence this study to determine the(More)
BACKGROUND The objective was to examine the changes in neuroforaminal height at L4-L5 and L5-S1 after insertion and graduated foraminal distraction using the 2 level transsacral implant in a cadaveric model. METHODS Discectomy and transsacral instrumentation was performed in six fresh human cadavers at L4-S1. The neuroforaminal height was measured at(More)
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