Satya Ranjan Dash

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In a country like India, the growth rate of the number of academic institutions is at par with the lost student rate. Hence when a lost student is found we need to identify the student on the basis of information such as name of the student, institution name where he studies, class or branch of the student, etc. But the fact is that in most of the cases one(More)
In this paper, interactions among fuzzy, rough, and soft set theory has been studied. The authors have examined these theories as a problem solving tool in association rule mining problems of data mining and knowledge discovery in databases. Although fuzzy and rough set have been well studied areas and successfully applied in association rule mining(More)
This paper is two folded. In first fold, the authors have illustrated the interplay among fuzzy, rough, and soft set theory and their way of handling vagueness. In second fold, the authors have studied their individual strengths to discover association rules. The performance of these three approaches in discovering compre-hensible rules are presented.
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