Satya Deo Pandey

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BACKGROUND Japanese encephalitis (JE) is the most common human endemic encephalitis, prevalent mainly in Southeast Asia. It affects both adults and children in different areas, but there is no comparative study of their clinical features and outcomes. OBJECTIVE To evaluate clinical and radiological features in adults and children with JE. METHODS(More)
Norepinephrine and dopamine have important role in movement disorders but their role in movement disorders associated with Japanese encephalitis (JE) has not been evaluated. Therefore, in the present study, cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) catecholamine levels and its metabolites in JE patients with movement disorders were compared with those without JE. CSF was(More)
OBJECTIVE Visual pathways are vulnerable to vitamin B(12) deficiency but there is paucity of studies evaluating visual evoked potential (VEP) changes following vitamin B(12) supplementation. Our aim was to evaluate the visual evoked potential changes in patients with vitamin B(12) deficiency neurological syndrome and their changes after vitamin B(12)(More)
AIM Due of paucity of studies on stress ulcer prophylaxis in intracerebral hemorrhage (ICH), we have evaluated the usefulness of ranitidine and sucralfate in preventing gastric hemorrhage (GH) in patients with ICH. SUBJECTS AND METHODS In a hospital-based randomized placebo-controlled study, patients with CT-proven ICH within 7 days of ictus were(More)
BACKGROUND Gastrointestinal (GI) haemorrhage is an important and sometimes serious complication in critically ill neurological patients who suffered from stroke and head injury and those in intensive care. There is no study evaluating frequency, severity and risk factors of GI haemorrhage in patients with primary intracerebral haemorrhage (ICH). AIMS To(More)
OBJECTIVE This study reports cognitive, P300 and MRI changes in the patients undergoing open heart surgery. DESIGN 18 patients undergoing open heart surgery were included who were aged > or = 18 years of age and educated at least up to 5th standard. Patients with preoperative neuropsychiatric, and metabolic illnesses were excluded. The operative and post(More)
Adult incomplete cleft lip nose deformity is not uncommon in India. Poverty, ignorance, and parental neglect account for its late presentation. Besides the classical features of cleft lip nose deformity, the constant findings observed in this patient population have been a widened and depressed nasal sill. This is attributable to the sparse, hypoplastic,(More)
Though nonscalpel vasectomy (NSV) technique was introduced in India in 1992 to increase male participation in family planning, it has failed to get adequate momentum and to achieve its goal. We conducted a cross-sectional questionnaire-based survey to get insight into apathy of men towards NSV. The study included 428 respondents. Most of the respondents(More)
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