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Nuclear receptors (NRs) are transcription regulators involved in an array of diverse physiological functions including key roles in endocrine and metabolic function. The aim of this study was to identify nuclear receptors in the fully sequenced genome of the gastropod snail, Biomphalaria glabrata, intermediate host for Schistosoma mansoni and compare these(More)
Biomphalaria snails are instrumental in transmission of the human blood fluke Schistosoma mansoni. With the World Health Organization's goal to eliminate schistosomiasis as a global health problem by 2025, there is now renewed emphasis on snail control. Here, we characterize the genome of Biomphalaria glabrata, a lophotrochozoan protostome, and provide(More)
Gastropod mollusks have been proposed as alternative models for male reproductive toxicity testing, due to similarities in their reproductive anatomy compared to mammals, together with evidence that endocrine disrupting chemicals can cause effects in some mollusks analogous to those seen in mammals. To test this hypothesis, we used the freshwater pulmonate(More)
The present paper investigates the computer based instruction and its effectiveness on achievement of students in mathematics. Computer based instruction enables the students to learn by self-evaluating and reflecting on their learning process. Mathematics achievement plays a very important role in the attainment of the ideal of harmonious development of a(More)
Molluscs, including snails, are prone to parasite infection, which can lead to massive physiological and behavioural changes, yet many of the molecular components involved remain unresolved. Central to this point is the neural system that in snails consists of several ganglia that regulate the animals’ physiology and behaviour patterns. The availability of(More)
2 Summary Many increasingly prevalent diseases share a common risk factor: age. However, little is known about pharmaceutical interventions against ageing, despite many genes and pathways shown to be important in the ageing process and numerous studies demonstrating that genetic interventions can lead to a healthier ageing phenotype. An important challenge(More)
Mobile clients feature increasingly sophisticated wireless networking support that enables real-time information exchange with remote databases. Location-dependent queries, such as determining the proximity of stationary objects (e.g., restaurants and gas stations) are an important class of inquiries. We present a novel approach to support nearest neighbor(More)
We used the machine learning-based binding affinity prediction method RF-Score v.2 (Ballester et al. 2014) shown to have high prediction accuracy. This machine-learning scoring function was trained on the files from the PDBbind database (Wang et al. 2004), and requires structure-ligand complexes in that format. Since most complexes of interest are not in(More)
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